Feb 25 2010

WMware ESXi Hosting

Looking for a dedicated server to run multiple virtual machines using VMware ESXi platform? We recently added the free edition of VMware ESXi to our list of  installable operating system to professional and enterprise servers which comes with 60 days trial period, to keep using the server after the 60 days trial is over you’ll … Continue reading “WMware ESXi Hosting”

Feb 24 2010

Buyhttp Launch a New Unlimited Hosting Plan

Unlimited hosting is here! So what is unlimited hosting? is it really unlimited? is it for me? As we pointed out in a previous post, unlimited hosting is for the most part a marketing term for the same old hosting plan but with a little twist. Hosting is not about disk space and bandwidth only … Continue reading “Buyhttp Launch a New Unlimited Hosting Plan”

Feb 23 2010

Free virus and malware scanner for cPanel

Are you looking for a virus and malware scanner for your VPS or dedicated server running cPanel? cPanel comes with clamav a free virus scanner as a plugin, all you have to do is login to your WHM manager to install it with just a few clicks. Login to WHM > scroll down to the … Continue reading “Free virus and malware scanner for cPanel”

Jul 20 2009

WordPress 2.8.2 released

WordPress has released version 2.8.2. This releases fixes an XSS vulnerability with URLs not being fully sanitized when viewing in the admin. It is recommended that you upgrade to protect yourself from this issue. Get started with Premium WordPress hosting for your Business today

Jul 10 2009

Joomla Multi-site Has Never Been Easier

One of our clients has written up a good overview of how to quickly and easily turn your Joomla 1.5 installation into a multi-site setup. The basic steps: Setup Joomla on your main domain Park the second domain on your main domain Add a php header redirect to your template’s index.php file If you want … Continue reading “Joomla Multi-site Has Never Been Easier”