Sep 10 2012

Checking Your Database Username Length

As we prepare for the update to MySQL 5.1, there is one major issue that could affect your site that is very easy to check. MySQL 5.1 only authenticates usernames up to 16 characters in length. cPanel has automatically limited MySQL username lengths to 16 characters for many years, so if you started a new … Continue reading “Checking Your Database Username Length”

Aug 9 2012

Setting Up Local Development

As we plan the transition to PHP 5.3, you might be wanting to make sure your site is compatible. If you run any recent release of any of the major CMSs you should be fine, but there is a chance one of your addons could have a problem. Fortunately, setting up a local testing environment … Continue reading “Setting Up Local Development”

Sep 22 2011

Shared Cloud Hosting

When we launched our cloud hosting service a few months ago we also launched  a new shared hosting service with it. Shared cloud hosting offers you the same protections that come with being set up in our cloud hosting infrastructure and the same ease that comes with shared hosting. This means you get our 99.95% … Continue reading “Shared Cloud Hosting”

Apr 4 2011

Choosing Between Joomla 1.6 and Joomla 1.5

We’ve had a number of people contact us asking which version we’d recommend using. Here I’ll discuss some of the differences between the two with opinions on why you might pick one over the other. We’ll look at this from the perspective of starting a new site, as well as migrating from 1.5 (should you … Continue reading “Choosing Between Joomla 1.6 and Joomla 1.5”

Apr 1 2011

Pay for April, Get May & June Free + Free Hosting Contest

We are running a new promo offering two months of hosting free with a paid month. Sign up for any shared account and we’ll extend your renewal date by two months. You don’t need any coupon codes. There is also a chance to win a free month of hosting if you share our messages with … Continue reading “Pay for April, Get May & June Free + Free Hosting Contest”