Jul 10 2009

WordPress 2.8.1 Released

WordPress has released version 2.8.1 of their popular blogging software. Along with 51 fixed bugs there was a possible security issue addressed with unprivileged users able to access admin pages for some plugins. For that reason this upgrade is strongly recommended. If you don’t want to do the upgrade yourself you can order our upgrade … Continue reading “WordPress 2.8.1 Released”

Jul 1 2009

Increase Traffic to Your WordPress Site

So you’ve decided you want to make a site with WordPress, that’s the easy part. How do you get traffic to it? The most obvious answers are SEO and link building, but both of those require lots of time to produce and visible results. The easy way is to let your visitors do the promotion … Continue reading “Increase Traffic to Your WordPress Site”

Jun 29 2009

Attack of the Joomla Extensions

Brian Teeman is running a Joomla developer showdown, similar to extension competitions that are done with other systems. These competitions often lead to some of the most used extensions so it will be exciting to see what will be produced. Visit his site for info on the competition and how to get involved. free continuous … Continue reading “Attack of the Joomla Extensions”

Jun 29 2009

New cPanel x3 Tutorials

Do you use the cPanel x3 theme with your BuyHTTP hosting account? We have added a series of 21 new tutorials to our tutorials page. There are now 376 flash tutorials in our collection. We have also streamlined the design making tutorials easier to find. Install over 400 scripts with 1 click, start hosting with … Continue reading “New cPanel x3 Tutorials”

Jun 26 2009

10 Incredibly Cool WordPress Shortcodes

Shortcodes allow you to show data simply by adding [shortcode] to your WordPress site. This article includes 9 very cool shortcodes you can add (it also shows the format for creating any of your own) and a list of already included shortcodes. register a domain and start hosting with buyhttp, get started for $1