Apr 25 2010

Joomla 1.5.16 Security Update

Joomla has released 1.5.16, a security release in the 1.5 line. All versions of 1.5 are affected and all users are encouraged to upgrade. Get started with Premium joomla hosting for your Business today

Mar 21 2010

How our backup systems work

I thought I would take some time and talk about one of the least thought about parts of the hosting package for most clients, the backups. It’s something that until you need it, you’re not very likely to even think about it, and you’re probably not going to think about it when looking for hosting. … Continue reading “How our backup systems work”

Mar 1 2010

Buyhttp Data Vault Continuous Data Protection

Buyhttp is one of the first hosting companies to offer free continuous data protection to shared and reseller hosting customers and they love it, the seamless integration with cPanel makes it easy to login to the backup server and restore individual files anytime without the need to contact support. Continuous Data Protection, CDP for short, … Continue reading “Buyhttp Data Vault Continuous Data Protection”

Feb 25 2010

WMware ESXi Hosting

Looking for a dedicated server to run multiple virtual machines using VMware ESXi platform? We recently added the free edition of VMware ESXi to our list of  installable operating system to professional and enterprise servers which comes with 60 days trial period, to keep using the server after the 60 days trial is over you’ll … Continue reading “WMware ESXi Hosting”

Feb 24 2010

Buyhttp Launch a New Unlimited Hosting Plan

Unlimited hosting is here! So what is unlimited hosting? is it really unlimited? is it for me? As we pointed out in a previous post, unlimited hosting is for the most part a marketing term for the same old hosting plan but with a little twist. Hosting is not about disk space and bandwidth only … Continue reading “Buyhttp Launch a New Unlimited Hosting Plan”