Sep 12 2013

Protect Your Joomla Administrator Folder

For a while now, we’ve been encouraging users to use .htaccess to protect their Joomla administrator folder to help protect a number of attacks. This only takes a few minutes to setup an can save you hours of hassles down the road. In order to protect the server and other customers sites if we notice … Continue reading “Protect Your Joomla Administrator Folder”

Sep 4 2013

New Site Design

If you’ve checked out the site over the last few days you may have noticed some changes in our design. It’s not a major change, we just wanted to update the design to clean it up a bit. The main goal of the project was to widen the site and help make elements uniform across … Continue reading “New Site Design”

Jun 19 2013

Video Tutorials Merged With Knowledgebase

We have just finished moving all of our video tutorials into our knowledgebase. The tutorials can now all be searched along with the rest of the knowledgebase entries, and there’s only one place you need to go if you have questions. We’ve also just added several tutorials for Joomla 3.1. We hope that this makes … Continue reading “Video Tutorials Merged With Knowledgebase”

Sep 10 2012

Checking Your Database Username Length

As we prepare for the update to MySQL 5.1, there is one major issue that could affect your site that is very easy to check. MySQL 5.1 only authenticates usernames up to 16 characters in length. cPanel has automatically limited MySQL username lengths to 16 characters for many years, so if you started a new … Continue reading “Checking Your Database Username Length”

Aug 9 2012

Setting Up Local Development

As we plan the transition to PHP 5.3, you might be wanting to make sure your site is compatible. If you run any recent release of any of the major CMSs you should be fine, but there is a chance one of your addons could have a problem. Fortunately, setting up a local testing environment … Continue reading “Setting Up Local Development”