New Site Design

If you’ve checked out the site over the last few days you may have noticed some changes in our design. It’s not a major change, we just wanted to update the design to clean it up a bit. The main goal of the project was to widen the site and help make elements uniform across a site with hundreds of pages of content.

Picking The Technology

We’ve already been using Jquery and a few scripts to accomplish what we needed, but we wanted to have fewer scripts loading on each page to help with page load times. Both of our billing systems use Twitter’s Bootstrap for their layouts, so it was a natural selection for the main site as well. We chose to use their brand new version 3 for the design. It’s allowed us to clean out 3 extra Jquery scripts we were using on each page load.

We’ve found it to be a great system to work with, and has made the process of setting up the site a breeze. If you’re looking at doing your own redesign or revamp be sure to check it out.

Aligning With Current Trends

We’re also big fans of the current trend towards more minimal design and flat icons with fewer gradients. We’ve replaced all of the gradients in our header and navbar with flat, bold colors. We’ve highlighted the benefits of our service to make them easier to see, while still making it easy to get full details of our offerings.

Check out the new site and let us know what you think!

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