Aug 3 2016

Memcache Installation for CentOS and cPanel

Are you taking advantage of the super fast caching capability of memcache? now available on all BUYHTTP shared, VPS and dedicated servers. Dynamic websites like Joomla and WordPress sometimes feels sluggish after installing a number of plugins or modules due to the number of database SQL queries generated by these plugins, so how do we fix … Continue reading “Memcache Installation for CentOS and cPanel”

Apr 10 2014

Heartbleed Bug Update

There has been a major security flaw found in OpenSSL, which is installed on every server we run, and around 2/3rds of all servers in the world. This vulnerability is known as the Heartbleed bug. The vulnerability was found and released on Tuesday, and we immediately went looking for the fix. The bug only affected … Continue reading “Heartbleed Bug Update”

Oct 9 2013

Today’s Service Interruption

Today we had an outage that affected all sites including our main site, account manager, and support system. They were down for approximately two hours. We use a different datacenter to host our sites than we use for customer sites, and it is for problems just like this. When the server went down, we … Continue reading “Today’s Service Interruption”

Sep 18 2013

All Shared Servers Being Upgraded to PHP 5.4

A major security hole has  been found in versions of PHP before 5.4.18 that allow man in the middle attacks and we need to upgrade to prevent those issues. Going from PHP 5.3 to 5.4 is a big upgrade and will break some older scripts. Unfortunately because of the severity of the issue we don’t … Continue reading “All Shared Servers Being Upgraded to PHP 5.4”

Sep 12 2013

Protect Your Joomla Administrator Folder

For a while now, we’ve been encouraging users to use .htaccess to protect their Joomla administrator folder to help protect a number of attacks. This only takes a few minutes to setup an can save you hours of hassles down the road. In order to protect the server and other customers sites if we notice … Continue reading “Protect Your Joomla Administrator Folder”