Jun 15 2009

The Future of Joomla + IE6

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Several Joomla template designers¬†are announcing their plans to stop supporting IE6 in their designs by Jan 1st, 2010. We certainly welcome this news and congratulate these developers. IE6 is way past it’s prime (if it ever had one) and with Windows 7 being released soon fewer and fewer people use it every day. If you’re … Continue reading “The Future of Joomla + IE6”

May 8 2009

Speed up your WordPress site

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WordPress on it’s own can get pretty resource intensive when you start getting traffic. Fortunately there are a couple of easy ways to vastly improve the speed of the site and reduce the resource needs. This is good for you, good for us and good for everyone you might share a server with.

Dec 6 2008

The Truth Behind Overselling

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I’m sure at this point everyone has seen hosting offers for 500+ GB of storage and 5+ TB of bandwidth, or even unlimited resources, for $5-10 per month. If you look into dedicated server pricing, to get 500GB of storage and 5TB bandwidth with full management you’re likely looking at spending at least $600. So … Continue reading “The Truth Behind Overselling”

May 19 2008

MiaCMS – Mambo Fork

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And what a fork it is. Several of the developers who did such a great job taking Mambo from 4.5 to 4.6 have left the project and started MiaCMS. While the default frontend template might not look like much, the code under the hood is extremely high quality. And since it’s based on the Mambo … Continue reading “MiaCMS – Mambo Fork”

Jul 27 2007

Security issue in Expose

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There is a fairly major security issue with Expose, and a fix is available. This issue affects all versions. First, you want to make sure to upgrade to the latest release (4.6.1) and apply the patch available at https://joomlacode.org/gf/project/expose/frs/. 24/7 live chat and phone support, start hosting with Buyhttp

Jun 18 2007

Round Cube Webmail

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We have just finished installing Round Cube webmail on all of our shared and semi dedicated servers. As a part of this install we have removed SquirrelMail as there have been a number of recent security issues. Round Cube is still in Beta stage, so please report any problems to the helpdesk and let us … Continue reading “Round Cube Webmail”

Apr 7 2007

Page Caching in Joomla

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We have had a number of requests recently asking about various page caching components. It’s always nice to be able to squeeze that extra bit of performance out of your site. We decided to test out the page cache component from Ircmaxell as it seemed to have the most promise. We first installed it on … Continue reading “Page Caching in Joomla”

Apr 7 2007

WordPress Security Updates

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WordPress has released updates to both the 2.1 and 2.0 branches. These releases fix XSS and XML-RPC errors and are highly recommended. Buyhttp offer myMail service, an email marketing package

Mar 16 2007

tutorials.buyhttp.com Fixed

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We’ve been receiving periodic reports of tutorials not wanting to show on tutorials.buyhttp.com but were having problems tracking down the issue since we were always able to see them. It turns out the problem was related to the different issue that IE and Firefox use to get source information for flash files. We’ve isolated and … Continue reading “tutorials.buyhttp.com Fixed”

Mar 13 2007

New Joomla and Mambo security check service

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We are proud to offer a new security check service for your Joomla and Mambo sites. We will do a full audit of your site and automatically implement a number of security features as well as give you a checklist of additional items and best practices. We will implement the suggestions outlined in the Joomla … Continue reading “New Joomla and Mambo security check service”