Page Caching in Joomla

We have had a number of requests recently asking about various page caching components. It’s always nice to be able to squeeze that extra bit of performance out of your site. We decided to test out the page cache component from Ircmaxell as it seemed to have the most promise.

We first installed it on MamboDemo and noticed page loading times decrease between 90%-98%. We’re using about half of the server resources today that we were using yesterday. That’s a pretty impressive decrease.

The we decided to see what it would do on a high traffic site and popped it on MamboHUT. We got the same 90%+ decrease in page loading times. The impact on server load wasn’t as great, but that’s because we’re running phpAdsNew on MamboHUT as well and that is the cause of almost all of the load it creates.

We didn’t notice any bugs on either site and installation was a breeze. We highly recommend this component for use on our servers.

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