WMware ESXi Hosting

Looking for a dedicated server to run multiple virtual machines using VMware ESXi platform?

We recently added the free edition of VMware ESXi to our list of  installable operating system to professional and enterprise servers which comes with 60 days trial period, to keep using the server after the 60 days trial is over you’ll need to sign up for a FREE unlimited license from WMware website below.


The benefit of running ESXi on a dedicated server is that you can run 2 different operating system like Linux and Windows side by side on the same box or running applications that requires different flavor of Linux like CentOS and Ubuntu for example, plus all other virtualization benefits like dividing the server resources any way you like, assign virtual CPU, RAM and Disk as per your application requirement, console access to all VMs, creating a VM snapshot and many of the cool features available from the VMware vSphere Client which is a free download from the client area at VMware website.

Our PowerEdge DELL servers are fully compatible with VMware ESXi which also include hardware specific features for DELL servers.

Note: Buyhttp only provide the hardware, software licensing is the responsibility of the customer.

Managed didecated servers comes with unlimited admin time – BuyHTTP

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