What Do You Want To See In Joomla 1.6?

The Joomla team is hard at work on Joomla 1.6. We thought this would be a good time to think of features that one might want to see in this new version.

Here are some ideas we’d like to see:

  • Improved ACL. I know they are working on this and it’s the big news of the new release, but it still deserves mentioning.
  • Improved search with suggested terms. When you accidentally search for “wbesite” on google you get asked if you meant to search for “website”. I actually wrote a keyword system back in the Mambo 4.5 days that had this feature. It was easier in that system because I was just working with lists of keywords and not all possible words (and languages), but with new technologies and the skills of the developers this could be doable.
  • Improved extension installation. WordPress really blows everyone away on this. Their automated installer can’t be beat with anything out there now and it would be nice to see Joomla take a step in that direction.
  • Improved upgrading. Again, WordPress has done this one well. Their one-click upgrade is a thing of beauty (other than the reported bug) and to see Joomla with something like this would be amazing. And no more migrating to go to a new version, that should just be common sense.
  • Complete code security audit. This would be incredibly expensive, I realize, and probably not in the budget of an open source system like Joomla, but the number of issues Joomla sees compared to other systems is unusual. This is certainly due in part to the fact that Joomla is one of the more widely used systems, but also in part to the coding. Too many Joomla releases are fixing medium or high level security issues.

So that’s what we’d like to see. How about you?

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