Pick The Perfect Slice

Pick the perfect slice

We've sliced up our VPS servers into perfect portions, so you can choose exactly what you need, and you can upgrade or downgrade at any time. This ensures you always have the exact power you need, without having to over-pay for a setup that gives you too much.

Each slice you add comes with 20 GB of RAID storage, 200 GB of premium bandwidth, and 1 GB of dedicated RAM.

Configure Your VPS

You're in control

With your VPS you get full root access, and the ability to run any versions of server software you need. If you need support for old software, or you want to be bleeding edge, the choice is yours.

24/7 expert support

Our server experts are there for you 24 hours a day. If you choose a VPS with server management we'll do any server maintenance you need, or install any server software. Just let us know.

Powerful servers

We use KVM virtualization for the fastest VPS experience possible. Combine that with Dell servers, Xeon processors and RAID drives for speed that can't be beat.

Our guarantees

Your VPS comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, a 99.9% network uptime guarantee, a 6 hour support response guarantee (most tickets are answered within 15 minutes), and a price freeze guarantee.

Our network

Our datacenter has multiple Gigabit connections to some of the largest bandwidth providers in the world including tiscali, Global Crossing, Level3, and XO. No matter where your visitors are your site will be fast.

Bring your own .iso

We have a wide variety of ISOs ready for you to select when you order. If you have your own ISO you'd like to use to get your VPS up and running, we're happy to upload it to your server for you.

Available Addons

Server management

Server Management

If you choose cPanel for your control panel, you can add management to your server and our team will help with any server software issues you might have. Adding new software, upgrades, or configuration changes.
Server monitoring

Server Monitoring + Proactive Response

We can add your server to our in-house Nagios monitoring system that checks the services running on your server to make sure everything is up and running. You can even have us proactively react to outages.
Continuous data protection

Continuous Data Protection Backups

If your data is valuable, you can make use of our continuous data protection system. Backup your files as often as you like, keep as many restore points as you need, and easily restore as little as one file.

Softaculous 1-Click Script Installer

We highly recommend adding Softaculous. With 1 click you can install over 300 of the most popular scripts online. Softaculous can even keep the scripts up to date automatically for you when updates are released.
Realtime exploit scanner

Realtime Exploit Scanner

If you are using cPanel, our real time exploit scanner is a must. It actively checks all files that are uploaded or modified against a database of known exploits and automatically quarantines them, preventing hacks before they happen.
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