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VPS Plesk Best WordPress Hosting

VPS stands for “Virtual Private Server”

A VPS runs its own copy of an operating system (OS), and customers may have superuser-level access to that operating system instance, so they can install almost any software that runs on that OS

(source: wikipedia)


If you’ve been using low quality shared hosting for your WordPress sites for a while, you may have accumulated some frustrating experiences. Maybe one of your sites crashed, or worse, was hacked. Maybe it just loads too darn slow. Or perhaps, you’ve just noticed the cumulative effects of other, larger websites using up all the server resources. Any one of these experiences tend to leave most site owners aggravated with the inconveniences of shared hosting. No need to sit and stew. It’s time for an upgrade! Virtual Private Servers or VPS hosting has become increasingly popular, due to its fast, reliable performance and the security it offers. Consider investing in laser-fast, reliable VPS for WordPress. Here are just a few benefits of making the switch:


Site Speed

If you want to host sites that consumers can trust and take seriously, site speed should be a critical factor in choosing the best hosting method. The fact is that the loading speed of your sites affects the likelihood that potential customers will take their businesses seriously, and make purchases. In fact, according to a study by Radware, 51% of customers would halt an online purchase if they think the site speed is too slow. Consumers are more demanding than ever when it comes to fast site speed, and even losing an extra second or two can negatively affect a customer’s opinion of a business, and likelihood of making a purchase. Besides, speeding up your sites will only improve their SEO: In 2010, Google announced that it would begin using speed as an important factor in deciding web search ranking, and it has continued to do so ever since. Virtual Private Server hosting with Plesk offers maximum loading speed by integrating Nginx web server by default, allowing customers to zoom through their online purchases.

Shared vs VPS Security

Without VPS hosting, you are vulnerable to a number of risks. That’s because shared hosting usually means shared vulnerability: If a careless site owner sharing your server starts running faulty script that crashes the site, your sites are also in danger. Furthermore, if hackers are able to break into any of the other sites on your server, your own sites are also put at risk of being hacked. That’s why Plesk takes a two-pronged approach to helping WordPress users secure their sites: Plesk web pro edition (30 domains) comes with free WordPress Toolkit that offers users the ability to secure their site automatically, and keep their servers secure by automatically installing security update on every WordPress site. In addition Plesk support SELinux out of the box which adds an extra layer of security to protect your VPS server.


Picture of Plesk WordPress Toolkit
Picture of Plesk WordPress Toolkit

When looking for a VPS host, you definitely want to make sure you find one with a supremely user-friendly program. At BuyHTTP, Plesk WordPress Toolkit is customized to serve both administrators and customers of all skill level in managing their WordPress instances. Offering major workflow flexibility, our tool allows admins to add, migrate, or clone instances, sync data between instances, manage plugins and themes, and mass-manage instances.

More Control

When using a shared web server, you have limited options, whether you’re trying to install a software package or creating custom server configurations. There’s always the risk that your host won’t support your particular needs. When you have a VPS, you have total control over your server and setup. Additionally, many VPS hosts give you the option of setting limits on how your resources are used. This allows you to choose exactly how much bandwidth to devote to individual sites. Plesk’s Control Groups functionality lets you practice set limits on how your resources are used, ensuring that your server is never overwhelmed, and protecting your sites’ stability.

Server Reliability

A core benefit of using VPS hosting with Plesk is the reliability that comes with having your own designated server space. On poorly configured shared hosting servers, you are always competing with other, bigger sites for server resources. This creates unreliable speed, can cause crashing, and can severely limit your functionality. When you buy Plesk’s VPS hosting based on virtualization technology like KVM, you are purchasing the promise of your own dedicated server resources. Only you have access to the resources you’re paying for. That means even if several large websites are also located on your server, their web traffic will never impact yours.


VPS hosting makes it seriously easy to take your web hosting to the next level. It’s important to us that customers have the flexibility to expand their businesses, and with it, their server space. Because of that, Plesk is committed to offering infinite scalability, whether you’re managing one website or thousands. If you need to move your sites to a bigger server, simply use the file manager Drag and Drop feature. This instantly transports your files to a new server, with zero downtime for your sites. The simple interface makes it insanely easy to manage all your domain names, databases, and infrastructure. Add AWS CloudFront with S3 to the mix and you’re ready to expand horizontally to multiple servers behind a loadbalancer

Backup Support

Plesk Backup Manager
Picture of Plesk backup manager

There’s nothing more frustrating than losing all the hard work you put into one of your websites. At BuyHTTP, with the support of KVM virtualization and Plesk control panel we offer all-inclusive backup options that lets you back up your entire server, individual user accounts, and individual web spaces. For maximum convenience, Plesk has a tool that enables you to schedule full and incremental backups ahead of time, which gives you one less thing to worry about. Plesk also gives you the ability to mine your backup archives for lost data, and instantly restore it. Your content is worth protecting, and no hosting service does that better than a reliable VPS with Plesk from BuyHTTP.


Plesk VPS Pro edition license comes with WordPress toolkit, developer pack, subscription management, account management and 30 domains for $10/month which gives you all the tools you need to develop and host the best WordPress site.

And if you are hosting websites for your customers you can upgrade to Plesk web host edition for an extra $5 to have all the above features plus reseller management and unlimited domains.


As you can see, VPS hosting with Plesk has consistently provided the absolute best VPS hosting for WordPress, with unbeatable speed, unwavering security, full site backup and restore options and top-notch services. Your server is the ultimate investment in your business and your future. And with BuyHTTP VPS Hosting for WordPress, you can be confident that you are making a savvy choice.


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What is Plesk?

Plesk is a commercial web hosting platform with a control panel that allows a server administrator to set up new websites, reseller accounts, e-mail accounts, and DNS entries through a web-based interface. 

(source: wikipedia)


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