MiaCMS 4.9 Beta Preview

I’ve installed the MiaCMS 4.9 beta to get a look at the new features and am liking what I’m seeing so far. The two big differences you’ll notice are the new bookmarking system (I wrote one back in the Mambo 4.5 days so it’s nice to see functionality like this in the core) and the tag cloud module. I didn’t dig into the code on the tag cloud but from what I can tell it searches all articles to create it, I didn’t see any way to create tags when adding or editting content. This sould slow things down with thousands or articles, but maybe they have a caching feature in it to prevent that (and knowing these developers it wouldn’t surprise me).

There were also several updates behind the scene, not the least of which is that MiaCMS now requires PHP5. This is good news since there are functions only available in PHP5 that will help the code execute faster, and no host should be running PHP4 anymore.

I didn’t notice any bugs while I was playing around which is always a good sign. I wonder if this will be the last major release before we see joint Aliro/MiaCMS code?

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