How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Web Design and Web Development

The world of technology is overrun with artificial intelligence (AI). It seems you can’t get ahead in such industries as smartphone technology, mobile apps, robotics, or social media without having a vast knowledge of AI. However, it seems the most significant industry being affected by AI is website design and web development.

Before we can talk about the impact AI is having on website design and development, we must first discuss what AI is and why we should consider its development important. Second, AI provides many pros for website design and development, such as advanced personalized content and optimized design features. Lastly, it is essential to discuss all the negative aspects that AI is bringing to the world of web design and development. These cons include the loss of jobs as AI continues to advance and grow. Another adverse effect is the loss of privacy for the users that interact with the AI.

What is Artificial Intelligence and Why it is Important

Artificial Intelligence or AI is a type of technology that allows people to create programs or machines that can learn from user behavior and data. It then uses this data to optimize itself to perform better and provide a better experience for the users using the program or website. Programmers and engineers develop algorithms that help dictate how the AI should grow and how it should learn.

Also, an important concept to know in the development of AI is machine learning or ML. Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence that is responsible for analyzing data patterns and adapting appropriately.

If we want the internet to continue to grow, the need for artificial intelligence will also need to increase. An example of this is YouTube. Millions of hours are uploaded to YouTube every day. YouTube must rely on AI to monitor the content on their platform if they want to continue to grow.

Reasons Why AI in Web Design and Web Development is Good

An industry that is benefiting from artificial intelligent is web design and web development. Here’s a list of a few of the benefits that come with using AI.

Users Having a Unique Experience

A benefit of using AI is that it can learn the user’s behavior by analyzing data. The AI then can use that information to provide an experience that is unique for each user. Also, AI can suggest articles, videos, or other sources of media, making the average user spend more time on the website. An example of a website that uses this successfully is Facebook. Facebooks AI provides every user with a unique “News Feed” that provides information and data that is important for that user.

AI Becomes the Designer

An issue when it comes to starting and developing a website is not everyone is a designer. Creating an excellent design and UI can make or break your website. Website builder sites like Wix have begun to test out a feature that allows AI to design the website for the user. By asking the user a few questions on the functionality of the user’s website, the AI can design a website based on the specifications.

Creating a Better Voice Search Engine

Many tech giants are putting more and more resources into creating an advanced voice search engine/assistant. These applications rely on the internet to find and decode information. Tech companies are turning to AI to listen and analyze user’s voices to develop a better experience for users around the world.

Reasons Why AI in Web Design and Web Development is Bad

Artificial intelligence provides a lot of good things for the world of web design and web development. However, It is essential to know that AI is not perfect and comes with a lot of negative aspects for both users and designers and developers alike. Here’s a list of a few negative aspects that come with AI.

The Loss of Personal Data

In recent years the question about personal data and the role it plays in AI and the web has begun to gain traction. For AI and ML to function appropriately, it needs data from the users that use the website. As AI and ML improve, the amount of data that they will collect will also improve. The issue arises when AI begins to infiltrate too far into a user’s data and life. Indeed, both individuals and governments are starting to lay down limits for how far AI can go when it comes to personal data.

Losing Jobs

By its very nature as AI continues to improve the less human oversight will be required in web design and development. Web designers and developers are going to start losing their jobs as AI continues to grow and adapt. With this in mind, we must ask ourselves, would we rather have advanced technology, or would we like sustainable jobs? In the next few decades, this problem will become more prevalent in other parts of society.

Losing the Human Element

As artificial intelligence continues to take control of more elements of web design and development, the less we as users will interact with human-made content. An example of this happening today is the use of customer service chat features on websites. You have probably seen on certain websites a “chat with us” button. Chances are if you click that button, you are communicating with an AI, which is designed to learn based on the conversation you have.


Whether you like artificial intelligence or not, you can’t ignore the fact that it is here to stay. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are going to continue to gather data and improve upon itself. This growth will allow the user to have a better experience and design beautiful websites with the help of AI. However, just like with any piece of technology, there is going to be a downside. This downside includes the loss of jobs due to AI playing a more prominent role in web design and development. Also, the gravity of giving up our personal data to AI so it will grow and improve. Let us know in the comments what your thoughts on AI are.