Cloud Load Balancer

Cloud load balancer is available as an addon to cloud hosting. It requires two or more cloud nodes.

Cloud Load Balancer

Downtime? Not Here

With traditional cloud hosting, if one node fails it takes about 2 minutes to migrate you to a new server and have everything back up and running. If you can't afford to have that downtime, load balancing provides instant failover between your cloud nodes. If one goes down all traffic is routed to your nodes that are still running. As soon as the down node has been restored the load balancer starts sending traffic there again.

Easy Scaling

Adding or removing nodes takes just a few clicks. If you need to be able to handle more or less traffic updating takes seconds.

Do I Need Load Balancing?

Load balancing is highly recommended (and in some cases necessary) if you have a business that:

Cloud Features

Fast Deployment

Fast Deployment

No more waiting for a server to be setup for you. You can deploy your own cloud environment in under a minute!
64 bit architecture

64-bit Architecture

All BuyHTTP cloud nodes are based on a 64-bit architecture for ultimate speed.
Redundant Cloud Setup

Fully Redundant

If the node your site is on fails, your site is instantly transfered to a new node and you're back online. You don't even need to do anything.

Fully Scalable

If you need more CPU, RAM or storage for your site, just click a few buttons and it's immediately available for you. It's the slow season and you don't need the resources any more? With the same few clicks you can scale down your setup. Only pay for what you need.

Linux Support

BuyHTTP lets you deploy your cloud setup with your choice of several of the most popular Linux distributions.


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