Cloud Hosting Infrastructure

Cloud hosting infrastructure

There's no point in having cloud hosting if redundancy wasn't carefully thought out. With a traditional dedicated server or VPS you have several single points of failure like hard drives or power supplies. If one fails your site is down until the part can be replaced. With our cloud hosting you no longer have those worries as your server is distributed among several premium Dell servers and if there is a hardware failure on any of them the system recognizes it instantly and moves you seamlessly. Since we employ a true cloud setup, your data is stored in a centrally located Dell iSCSI SAN, so a failure of a single server doesn't affect your site at all. Worrying about hardware failure is truly a thing of the past!

Cloud hosting network


Our servers are hosted in a state of the art datacenter located in Secaucus, NJ featuring the following:

Read more about our network and see pictures of our datacenter

Cloud Features

Fast Deployment

Fast Deployment

No more waiting for a server to be setup for you. You can deploy your own cloud environment in under a minute!
64 bit architecture

64-bit Architecture

All BuyHTTP cloud nodes are based on a 64-bit architecture for ultimate speed.
Redundant Cloud Setup

Fully Redundant

If the node your site is on fails, your site is instantly transfered to a new node and you're back online. You don't even need to do anything.

Fully Scalable

If you need more CPU, RAM or storage for your site, just click a few buttons and it's immediately available for you. It's the slow season and you don't need the resources any more? With the same few clicks you can scale down your setup. Only pay for what you need.

Linux Support

BuyHTTP lets you deploy your cloud setup with your choice of several of the most popular Linux distributions.


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