Buyhttp Launch a New Unlimited Hosting Plan

Unlimited hosting is here!

So what is unlimited hosting? is it really unlimited? is it for me?

As we pointed out in a previous post, unlimited hosting is for the most part a marketing term for the same old hosting plan but with a little twist.

Hosting is not about disk space and bandwidth only it’s more about server resources like CPU, RAM, Disk Space, Network, etc… and like every other host out there that offer unlimited hosting, there’s always a limit hidden somewhere, if it’s not disk space it’ll be inodes (number of files), CPU, Memory, number of processes, number of connection or a combination of them.

How our unlimited hosting is different

What we did is we created the right mix of server resources using the right combination of server hardware, limiting the number of accounts hosted on each server to provide a good performance and not overload the server, the new plan include unlimited disk space and bandwidth, large number of inodes, CPU and RAM enough to run just about any personal website.

Is unlimited hosting right for me?

If you’re running a non critical personal site that doesn’t requires high level of server resources or top of the line server hardware and performance you’ll be fine with unlimited hosting but if you’re running a business critical website that requires an enterprise class hardware, the best performance and uptime possible then you’re better off with a business hosting plan like our Business plan.

Buyhttp offer 100% uptime guarantee, get started for $1

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