Buyhttp Data Vault Continuous Data Protection

Buyhttp is one of the first hosting companies to offer free continuous data protection to shared and reseller hosting customers and they love it, the seamless integration with cPanel makes it easy to login to the backup server and restore individual files anytime without the need to contact support.

Continuous Data Protection, CDP for short, perform a low level block backup with differential and incremental options which lower server resources utilization significantly and reduce backup window to seconds or minutes instead of hours.

Buyhttp Data Vault is also available to anyone with a dedicated server for a very good price, if your host doesn’t offer CDP Buyhttp is here to help. As a dedicated server customer you can set your backup interval to as low as every minute to create over 100 recovery points every day. CDP uses compression and end-to-end strong encryption for low bandwidth usage and secure transfer, CDP is able to backup open files and with MySQL plugin you can backup open tables with restore option down to the individual database table.

CDP support all main flavors of Linux, Windows XP, windows server 2003, please visit our website to learn more about the many features of Buyhttp Data Vault CDP or contact our sales team if you have any pre-sales question.

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