Jan 31 2007

SPAM, SPAM and more SPAM

There is a very interesting article over at Information Week reporting that 94% of all email traffic in the month of December was SPAM. With the holiday shopping season around, I guess it’s really no surprise. Buyhttp offer myMail service, an email marketing package

Jan 24 2007

BuyHTTP Firefox Toolbar and WordPress 2.1

We have created a new Firefox toolbar to help you navigate BuyHTTP and our system. The toolbar features one-click access to the Account Manager, Affiliate system and more. Click the button to install the toolbar. WordPress has also released version 2.1. There are over 500 bugfixes available, so it is highly recommended to upgrade. You … Continue reading “BuyHTTP Firefox Toolbar and WordPress 2.1”

Jan 17 2007

BuyHTTP.com Moved

We’ve been using the datacenter that used to host buyhttp.com for new semi dedicated hosting accounts so we had to move to a new datacenter. Along with this move we will be changing some URLs. To start with we’ve moved the flash tutorials to https://tutorials.buyhttp.com

Dec 31 2006

Happy New Year

We at BuyHTTP would like to wish everyone a happy 2007 and start the year with a new tip for your Joomla or Mambo site. When uninstalling components it’s not at all unusual for them to leave their database tables behind. Many do this to help with upgrading, making it a simple uninstall/reinstall situation. But … Continue reading “Happy New Year”

Dec 14 2006

Move your Mambo or Joomla configuration.php file outside of webroot

Have to thank friesengeist of the Joomla core team for this very nice tip for your Joomla or Mambo site. There has been a lot of discussion lately on further securing your Joomla or Mambo installations and what can be done. We do everything possible at the server level but there are a few things … Continue reading “Move your Mambo or Joomla configuration.php file outside of webroot”