Jun 29 2009

New cPanel x3 Tutorials

Do you use the cPanel x3 theme with your BuyHTTP hosting account? We have added a series of 21 new tutorials to our tutorials page. There are now 376 flash tutorials in our collection. We have also streamlined the design making tutorials easier to find. Install over 400 scripts with 1 click, start hosting with … Continue reading “New cPanel x3 Tutorials”

Jun 26 2009

10 Incredibly Cool WordPress Shortcodes

Shortcodes allow you to show data simply by adding [shortcode] to your WordPress site. This article includes 9 very cool shortcodes you can add (it also shows the format for creating any of your own) and a list of already included shortcodes. register a domain and start hosting with buyhttp, get started for $1

Jun 24 2009

Essential WordPress SEO Plugins

SEO is a critical part of getting people to your site and these WordPress plugins help you acheive your goals quickly and easily. HeadSpace2 The most important on page factor in SEO today appears to be your title tag. HeadSpace2 allows you to easily control the layout of all title tags on your WordPress blog. … Continue reading “Essential WordPress SEO Plugins”

Jun 24 2009

Joomla Resources Directory

If you are looking for any Joomla related services there is a new easier way to find what you are looking for. resources.joomla.org has been created due to intense community desire. This is also a great way to get your Joomla services company more exposure. Get started with Premium joomla hosting for your Business today

Jun 22 2009

Protect Your Joomla Admin from Hackers

One very popular way for hackers to try to gain access to your Joomla administrator is to brute force attack to guess your password. Using this method they bombard your admin form with thousands of usernames/password until they find the right combination. Since Joomla doesn’t let you choose the admin username when installing they already … Continue reading “Protect Your Joomla Admin from Hackers”